Enseada das Estrelas - Ilha Grande
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The southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful regions in Brazil.

Eight miles offshore , in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, lies Ilha Grande, a joy of nature which forms a protective barrier for the whole region (ecosystem) from Parati to Sepetiba.

The island, which in the distant past was home to Indians, pirates and explorers, has a history linked to legends of lost treasures and more recently to the discovery of an archeological site in South Beach and East Beach with bones dating back 3,000 years.

An ecological paradise only 2 hours by car from Rio de Janeiro and 5 hours from São Paulo, as yet unspoiled by the hand of man, with its forestry reserves and parks, its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.


  • Snooker
  • Volleyball court
  • Croquet
  • Swiming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Barbecue
  • Tv room
  • Other activities, please contact us.

One day - Breakfast

November 2006 and Februry 2007:

Sea Level Suite                             R$     898,00 

Sea Level Suite                             R$     718,00

Hillside Level Suite                      R$     617,00

Sea Level Apartament                  R$    524,00      

December and January 2007:

Sea Level Suite                             R$     998,00 

Sea Level Suite                             R$     798,00

Hillside Level Suite                      R$     685,00

Sea Level Apartament                  R$    583,00      

Included breakfast and dinner

Tax: 15%


To give more freedom of choices, the guests can have their meals in our restaurants, or in restaurants near by.

Ilha Grande is located off the southern coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro in a region known as the "Costa Verde" or Green Coast. The island is 43km long and 24km wide and provides protection for the Bay of the same name, which is dotted with more than 360 islands.

Sitio do Lobo is located on Enseada das Estrelas (Bay of the Stars). An old coffee plantation at the beginning of the last century, the luxuriant forests and springs confer a delightful sense of peace and well-being, where comfort and nature go hand in hand in perfect harmony. (coordinates South - 23.07.03 West - 44.10.47). 

We are ten minutes from the village of Abraão (by speedboat), which has a commercial center, mall, first aid clinic, pharmacies, a Military Police post and all the necessary infrastructure in the event of emergencies.

We are 1 hour from the town of Angra dos Reis (by boat), as well as having a heliport for rapid transport to São Paulo (1 hour) and Rio de Janeiro (30 minutes).


Rio de Janeiro - Porto Real Resort - Rio de Janeiro


Helicopter - Local heliport
Coordenates: S 23.07.03 W 044.10.47
Cia Aérea Team has regular flights:
Rio de Janeiro / Angra / Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo / Angra / São Paulo.


(public ferry boat)

Mangaratiba - Ilha Grande (Abraão) - (1.5 hours)
Angra dos Reis - Ilha Grande (Abraão) - (1.5 hours)
Abraão - Sítio do Lobo - (10 minutes) - own transport

Private: (speed boat)

Porto Real Resort - Sítio do Lobo - (15 minutes)

Note: Time table and prices may vary

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