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Sítio do Lobo currently offers a "Detox Eco-Fitness" program. This program has as main objective, Detox and Anti-Stress. The term Detoxification, it congregates concepts of health and youth. Three words define this activity, "Clean","Revitalize"and "Energize".
With amusement and sport, the program it is extremely pleasant, without the sacrifice idea, generally associate the restricted diets of the Spas.

"Detox Eco-Fitness" or either, physical activities related to nature, with meditation e relaxation, beyond Yoga (2x day), massage, reike, leisure (shows, games, etc...) and a healthful feeding (half-vegetarian), are part of the program, therefore during one week, the guest has contact with an extremely healthful life, and surprising results. 

On 2001, The Ashram group of California (L.A-USA) responsible for the marketing among our organization, operating "Detox Eco-Fitness" program, had receive more than 250 foreigners (from USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America) with excellent results and most of them returning in the following year (2002). Our program was published in some vehicles of communication worldwide (ex: Vogue, Manhattan Files, Travel&Leisure, London Times, Harper's Bazaar, Travel Channel, among others) and in Brazil (ex: O Globo, JB, Folha de São Paulo, Caras, Veja-Rio, etc...). Besides, a news article of our program on Alternativa Saúde by GNT-Globosat, showed on television network in Brazil, Portugal also international flights of "Varig" and "United Airlines".

Highly qualified professionals, a product totally different, in a paradisiacal place like Ilha Grande, a perfect combination for its relax, where we integrate mind, body and spirit.

Our programming starts on Sunday, in the afternoon, leaving from Ipanema Plaza Hotel, in Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro at 3:00pm to Ilha Grande and coming back on the following Friday afternoon to Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, to "Amsterdam Sauer"(The biggest jewel company of Brazil) for a light cocktail, also offered by them a jewel, to be drafted between the participants, after that,    all   participants      will     go    to 

Ipanema Plaza Hotel to spend the night. On Saturday morning (9:00am), the participants will be led (15 min.by Van) for The "Relax Day Spa" and 3:00pm approximately, back to the Hotel, when we finish our programming.



US$ 1.500,00

Obs: terms of payment, consult us.


The program includes the following items:

  • Transportation RIO - ANGRA - RIO

  • Transfer by boat ANGRA - SÍTIO DO LOBO - ANGRA

  • Accommodation, meals, activities, entertainment and all lodge services.

  • Friday´s night at the Ipanema Plaza Hotel with breakfast (dinner and extras expenses not included).

  • Transportation (round trip) to "Relax Day Spa", as well all treatment previously choose upon reservation

  • Beauty hair (hydratation and hairbrush)

  • Massage relax with aromatherapy

  • Hydro massage

  • Corporal exfoliation

Support by: Nike do Brasil S/A, Icatu Hartford Seguros S/A, Amsterdam Sauer, Banco de Boston S/A, Wöllner Outdoor, Ipanema Plaza Hotel, Hy End and CD You


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Contact us by:reservas@angraviagem.com
Fone: 55(24) 3365-5078 / 9991-6605

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